August 27th @ 10:25 PM GMT
Yahoo! Left-hander Daniel Zaragoza gave up only three hits and doubled home a pair of runs Thursday, leading Mexicali Baja California, Mexico, to an 11-0 victory over Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and a berth in the International championship game at the Little League World Series. (World)
August 28th @ 4:06 AM GMT (5.3 hr ago)
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August 28th @ 12:09 AM GMT
Yahoo! President Juan Manuel Santos has called in Colombia's ambassador to Venezuela for consultations amid a dispute involving the closing of a major border crossing and a weeklong crackdown on Colombian migrants and smugglers. (World)
August 28th @ 4:40 AM GMT (4.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! Colombia and Venezuela recalled their ambassadors for consultations, amid mounting tensions that began nearly a week ago when Caracas closed off their shared border. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro made the move to indefinitely close the frontier last Friday, declaring a state of emergency in part of the border region over an attack that wounded four people. (Politics)
August 27th @ 3:26 PM GMT
Yahoo! The city's reliance on Colombia is starkly evident after Venezuela closed the border here last week and began deporting hundreds of Colombians, as part of measures the government says are designed to control smuggling and paramilitary activity. Opponents say Venezuela's socialist leader Nicolas Maduro has concocted a border dispute to distract people from a steep economic downturn in the run-up to parliamentary elections. ''I haven't opened my cash register for a week,'' said Carolin... (World)
August 27th @ 11:55 PM GMT
Yahoo! Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday recalled the country's ambassador to Venezuela after the socialist-run country closed two border crossings and deported over a thousand Colombians. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shut the crossings last week after a shootout between smugglers and troops wounded three soldiers. ''I have favored dialogue and I will keep doing so, but I cannot allow Venezuela to treat Colombia and Colombians this way,'' the conservative Santos said i... (World)
August 28th @ 1:28 AM GMT (7.9 hr ago)
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August 28th @ 3:55 AM GMT (5.5 hr ago)
NY Times The left-hander Daniel Zaragoza gave up only three hits and doubled home two runs, leading Mexicali Baja California, Mexico, to an 11-0 victory over Barquisimeto, Venezuela.<br clear='all'/> (Sports)
August 26th @ 5:53 AM GMT
Yahoo! Hundreds of Colombians waded across a border river with fridges, chickens and mattresses on their backs as goats and children followed under the scorching tropical sun, victims of an escalating dispute with Venezuela's government. Saying they were forced from their rickety wooden or corrugated metal homes and scared of what might happen next if they stayed inside Venezuela, they fled across the River Tachira and back into their homeland on Tuesday. Most of the refugees have lived for years... (World)
August 25th @ 3:55 PM GMT
Reuters Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is used to being attacked by critics as a communist dictator, but one label the Latin American socialist was not expecting was to be compared to U.S. tycoon and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.<br clear='all'/><br/><br/><a href='''' rel=''nofollow''><img src='' (World)