July 4th @ 4:10 AM GMT (2.8 hr ago)
CNN Was U.S. founded as Christian nation? Is July 4 terror threat overhyped? Photos: Stars in stars and stripes (Top Stories)
July 1st @ 4:00 AM GMT
Yahoo! Pigs rummage through garbage searching for leftovers. The people live in shacks made of plywood and corrugated metal. Any semblance of stability in the sprawling slum of 15,000 families is upended when heavy rains burst the banks of the nearby Paraguay River, turning dirt roads to impassable pools of mud. (Top Stories)
July 3rd @ 9:54 AM GMT
Yahoo! Rarely seen color photographs by Robert Capa, the legendary Hungarian photographer best known for his battlefield pictures from the Spanish Civil War and D-Day, are being shown for the first time in Europe at the Budapest institution which bears his name. (Top Stories)
July 1st @ 3:26 AM GMT
E! Online That's rightVeronica, Wallace, Logan, and SheriffMars got back together and we've been freaking out! Kristen Bell, (Entertainment)
July 1st @ 3:48 PM GMT
Yahoo! More than 1,100 young men and women have arrived at the U.S. Naval Academy to begin a rigorous path toward careers as Navy officers. (U.S. News)
July 2nd @ 8:58 PM GMT
CNN Photos: Navy Yard lockdown (Top Stories)
July 3rd @ 7:23 PM GMT
CNN (U.S. News)
July 1st @ 11:33 PM GMT
CBS News The long-standing ban had been in place for over 40 years (Politics)