April 23rd @ 11:03 PM GMT
Yahoo! A Dutch expert helping to identify victims from last year's MH17 airliner crash in Ukraine has been fired after showing photographs of the dead at a public lecture, the government said Thursday. ''The collaboration with George Maat has been terminated,'' Justice Minister Ard van der Steur told lawmakers in parliament. The minister had earlier described the lecture given by Maat, an anthropologist at Leiden University, in the southern city of Maastricht as ''completely inappropriate a... (World)
April 23rd @ 2:06 PM GMT
CNN Chile's Calbuco volcano filled the sky with ash overnight and sent residents into a panic. PHOTOS (Top Stories)
April 22nd @ 11:00 AM GMT
People Pools, patios and tennis courts! These stars are living the high life in the great outdoors (Entertainment)
April 23rd @ 2:33 PM GMT
SlashDot retroworks writes: Two stories appear today which feature close up photos of young African men surrounded by scrap metal in the city of Accra. The headlines state that this is where our computers go to die (Wired). The Daily Mail puts it in even starker terms, alleging ''millions of tons'' are dumped in Agbogbloshie. The stories appear the same day as a press release by investigators who returned this week from 3 weeks at the site. The release claims that Agbogbloshie's depiction as th... (Technology)
April 23rd @ 4:56 PM GMT
CBS News Anthropologist and member of team working to identify remains from crash in Ukraine shared images and info with his class (World)
April 23rd @ 11:30 AM GMT
Yahoo! According to Evans, people were posting Over 1.5 billion new photos every day on Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat, equating to about 550 billion images a year on those services alone over 1 trillion images if all services were factored in, or about 1.5 per smartphone per day. Knowing that a music track will be shared on Facebook makes us pause before listening to Super Freak, unironically. The Apple CEO flanked by Eddie Cue and Phil Schiller, break it down to Pharrells Happy with a mix of '... (Technology)
April 23rd @ 3:23 PM GMT
Yahoo! The jury that will decide whether convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is sentenced to death viewed photos on Thursday of 18 people who lost limbs in the deadly 2013 attack and heard from two amputees. One of them, 36-year-old Marc Fucarile recalled being knocked to the ground by the second of two explosions and hearing someone yell that he was on fire. Fucarile's testimony came on the third day of the trial's sentencing phase in U.S. District Court in Boston. The jurors wil... (U.S. News)
April 24th @ 1:27 AM GMT
E! Online Asked about what inspired her recent shout-out to her own stretch (Entertainment)