May 27th @ 4:50 PM GMT
NY Times Guard your privacy when you post your photos online by turning off location services for your smartphones camera app.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br clear='all'/> (Technology)
May 27th @ 1:18 PM GMT
CNN See pictures of the flooding and damage caused by heavy rainfall in Texas and Oklahoma. (Top Stories)
May 30th @ 10:32 AM GMT (5.6 hr ago)
SlashDot An anonymous reader writes with a report that Google yesterday announced at its I/O conference a photo-storage site known as Google Photos. Says the article: The new service is completely separate from Google+, something Google users have been requesting for eons. Google is declaring that Google Photos lets you backup and store ''unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.'' It's a bit creepy to see all the photos that Google still has on tap, including many that I've since d... (Technology)
May 28th @ 6:11 PM GMT
Yahoo! The common thread between Android, Google Now and Google Photos is machine learning. Can it give Google features that can't be replicated? (Business)
May 30th @ 11:43 AM GMT (4.4 hr ago)
NPR With ballgames, family reunions and trips to the beach, summer is full of chances to snap photos. Apple and Google are in a battle to help you store, organize and share all those visual mementos. (Technology)
May 30th @ 11:58 AM GMT (4.2 hr ago)
NPR The photographer, who died this week, turned her lens on the marginal people of the world. One of her most acclaimed projects was her series of photos taken in the brothels of Mumbai. (World)
May 28th @ 9:57 AM GMT
Reuters Islamic State posted photographs online which it said were taken in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and appeared to show its ancient ruins unharmed since the hardline group seized it from government forces.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br clear='all'/> (World)
May 29th @ 11:31 AM GMT
CNN Take a look at 39 photos of the week from May 22 through May 28. (U.S. News)