March 30th @ 5:12 AM GMT
Yahoo! South Korea chose on Monday Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd , which expects to partner Lockheed Martin Corp , to develop a mid-level fighter jet that will cost around 8.7 trillion won ($7.88 billion). The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) also confirmed its decision to upgrade South Korea's Patriot missile system, with Raytheon Co chosen to upgrade the launch systems. South Korea has been trying to bolster its arsenal in the face of a missile threat from North Korea. (Business)
March 29th @ 6:44 PM GMT
Yahoo! Police are investigating a shooting in North Philadelphia that has injured one male. (U.S. News)
March 28th @ 8:01 PM GMT
Yahoo! Problems with new technology on Saturday forced a 24-hour extension to the presidential election in Africa's most populous nation, Nigeria, and renewed Boko Haram violence hit the knife-edge vote. The Islamist militants were suspected of killing at least seven people in separate attacks in northeastern Gombe state, including at polling stations, while on Friday, 23 people were beheaded in Borno state. President Goodluck Jonathan was the most high-profile victim of the glitches with handhel... (World)
March 29th @ 2:57 PM GMT
Yahoo! Syrians fled Idlib Sunday, fearing government reprisals a day after opposition fighters and a powerful local al-Qaida affiliate captured the northwestern town, activists said. (Top Stories)
March 30th @ 6:30 AM GMT
Yahoo! In Syria's northeastern province of Latakia, workers roll the country's first locally made cigars, a new product being launched despite the devastating civil conflict now in its fifth year. The workers are employed by Syria's state-run General Tobacco Company, which has decided to branch out into cigars in a bid to create desperately needed jobs and boost revenue. Syria's conflict, which began with anti-government protests in March 2011 before spiralling into a brutal civil war, has tak... (World)
March 28th @ 6:30 AM GMT
Yahoo! Japan will likely extend its sanctions against North Korea because of Pyongyang's delay in reporting into its abductions of Japanese citizens decades ago, the Nikkei business daily reported on Saturday without citing sources. The government is poised to decide next Tuesday on an extension to a trade embargo on North Korea, a ban on North Korea charter flights and a prohibition on North Korean ships entering Japanese ports, the Nikkei said. Japanese government officials were unavailable for... (World)
March 30th @ 3:48 PM GMT
Yahoo! Chile's government says 17 people have been killed and 20 are still missing after torrential rains caused flooding in a northern desert region. (World)
March 28th @ 6:16 AM GMT
Yahoo! Sebastien Chenu, a former gay activist, does not seem a typical member of France's far-right National Front (FN), a party accused of deeply reactionary views with a history of homophobia. ''The National Front is the only party whose leader is a woman and its deputy leader is gay,'' he points out over a glass of Chablis in Beauvais, the northern town where he is standing as a candidate in local elections this week. Despite opposing same-sex marriage and touting traditional family values... (World)
March 30th @ 8:10 PM GMT
People ''Northie was so proud of all the eggs she found!'' mom Kim Kardashian West Tweeted (Entertainment)
March 30th @ 12:44 AM GMT
CBS News Militant group attacks poll stations in country's northeast as count begins for presidential election too close to call (World)