May 4th @ 9:58 PM GMT (10 min ago)
May 4th @ 9:56 PM GMT (12 min ago)
May 4th @ 9:34 PM GMT (34 min ago)
NPR The two-week naval exercise, dubbed Dynamic Mongoose, brings dozens of vessels together, and comes amid concern about Russia's increasing aggression. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:17 PM GMT (50 min ago)
CNN A New York Police officer who was shot while on duty over the weekend has died, officials said Monday. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:10 PM GMT (58 min ago)
NPR Dozens of soldiers have offered testimonials saying indiscriminate fire was tolerated, even encouraged in last summer's war in Gaza. This contributed to the high numbers of civilian deaths, they say. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:05 PM GMT (1 hr ago)
Yahoo! Activist investment firm Starboard Value says it bought an 8.2 percent stake in armored car company Brink's, and it called the stock undervalued. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:04 PM GMT (1.1 hr ago)
Yahoo! The Al-Jazeera America news network, sued by a former employee who said he was fired for complaining about a colleague's anti-Semitic and sexist behavior, is losing one of its top U.S. news executives. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:03 PM GMT (1.1 hr ago)
NPR But her lawyer says the former secretary of state, and Democratic presidential candidate, will appear before the panel once not twice, as requested by the head of the Benghazi committee. (Top Stories)
May 4th @ 9:00 PM GMT (1.1 hr ago)
Yahoo! Nigeria's military is battling a dangerous tribal militia that could grow into a terrorist group in central Nigeria and denies accusations its troops have killed dozens of civilians, the Defense Ministry spokesman said Monday. (Top Stories)