July 4th @ 5:44 PM GMT (1.3 hr ago)
SlashDot An anonymous reader writes: Ars takes a look at a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences into the reasons why more people aren't driving electric vehicles. Of course infrastructure issues are a part of it — until charging stations are ubiquitous, the convenience factor for using a gas-powered car will weigh heavily on consumers's minds. (This despite the prevalence of outlets at home and work, where the vast majority of charging will be done even with better infrastruct... (Technology)
July 4th @ 5:44 PM GMT (1.3 hr ago)
SlashDot NotQuiteReal writes: What is the most expensive piece of hardware you broke (I fried a $2500 disk drive once, back when 400MB was $2500) or what software bug did you let slip that caused damage? (No comment on the details — but about $20K cost to a client.) Did you lose your job over it? If you worked on the Mars probe that crashed, please try not to be the First Post, that would scare off too many people! (Technology)
July 4th @ 4:02 PM GMT (3 hr ago)
July 4th @ 4:00 PM GMT (3 hr ago)
Yahoo! What you're about to see below are five situations where American aircraft, built from pure, unfiltered freedom and liberty by freedom-loving Americans (and other good people around the world), did something so amazing and incredible that you can basically hear Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA playing inside your brain as you watch. Sonic booms are wonderful, but nothing says ''America'' like an F-22 Raptor appearing to break numerous laws of physics. (Technology)
July 4th @ 3:36 PM GMT (3.4 hr ago)
NY Times Some investors have criticized the Samsung C&T-Cheil merger, saying it is being struck at a price that is unfair to the C&T shareholders.<br clear='all'/> (Technology)
July 4th @ 3:30 PM GMT (3.5 hr ago)
SlashDot An anonymous reader writes: Solar Impulse 2, the airplane powered only by the sun's light, has completed its flight from Japan to Hawaii. The distance sets the record for manned, solar-powered flight, both by distance (7,200 km, according to the BBC) and by time spent aloft (118 hours). This was one leg in a longer journey to fly around the world, and by far the longest they've attempted. Their next leg will send them across the rest of the Pacific Ocean, landing in Phoenix, Arizona. Then... (Technology)
July 4th @ 3:05 PM GMT (3.9 hr ago)
Yahoo! Telltale Games is getting closer to releasing its all-new take on the Minecraft universe. The trailer was released at Minecon 2015 today in London, and it gives us a taste of how Telltale has worked together with Mojang to explore Minecraft from a new perspective. Like other games from the developer (The Walking Dead,Game of Thrones) it will be a narrative driven game more like a point-and-click title than a traditional action game. (Technology)
July 4th @ 3:00 PM GMT (4 hr ago)
Yahoo! This week, we talked to the director of Terminator Genisys, we found out about the future of hydrogen fuel cells, and SpaceX made a mistake. Some of the most impressive parts of Terminator Genisys are its throwbacks to prior films, but legal issues barred the crew from actually using original Terminator footage. Hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to gain traction, but they'll face similar hurdles to electric cars when it comes to getting them on the road and keeping their metaphorical tanks... (Technology)
July 4th @ 2:00 PM GMT (5 hr ago)
Yahoo! Its Fourth of July weekend, and by now, its likely that Americas youth has depleted the shelves of every firework store across this great nation. But before you go and get creative with your amateur pyrotechnics, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has a firework safety video it wants you to watch. And oh my god is it terrifying. (Technology)
July 4th @ 1:01 PM GMT (6 hr ago)
SlashDot Last year's spectacular but unauthorized you-are-there video from the inside of a fireworks display has probably inspired quite a few people to try getting their own bird's-eye view this year. Wired cautions photographers, though, that many municipalities have specifically banned (and some will be looking for) unauthorized airborne visitors, and that the FAA's guidelines for legal flight are tricky to comply with during a fireworks show. This is both because it's hard to maintain visual... (Technology)