April 26th @ 6:38 AM GMT (3 hr ago)
CBS News Fish and wildlife officials have introduced a plan that would delist the animals from the state's endangered species list (Technology)
April 26th @ 6:01 AM GMT (3.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! For cycling enthusiasts whose interests fall somewhere between a 10-speed and a motorcycle, electric bicycles are a pretty solid alternative. Vintage Electric claims the bikes can reach a speed of 36 MPH in ''Race Mode'' with a range of 30 miles and a recharge time of just two hours. (Technology)
April 26th @ 5:59 AM GMT (3.7 hr ago)
CBS News Scientists said seismic activity has changed at the Calbuco volcano and no further eruption is expected in addition to the blasts earlier in the week (Technology)
April 26th @ 4:36 AM GMT (5.1 hr ago)
SlashDot linuxscreenshot writes: After almost 24 months of constant development, the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 8 (code name Jessie), which will be supported for the next five years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and the Debian Long Term Support team. (Release notes.) Jessie ships with a new default init system, systemd. The systemd suite provides features such as faster boot times, cgroups for services, and the possibility of isolating part of... (Technology)
April 26th @ 3:20 AM GMT (6.3 hr ago)
April 26th @ 1:16 AM GMT
Yahoo! Visual artist Oleg Memukhin planned a recent CGI experiment around one of Earth's most hypnotic visuals: fish swimming around in a circle. Using the graphics application Houdini, Memukhin created a school of small, shimmery fish and had them move in sync around any objects placed in their path. In the video above, Memukhin describes the four elements in his ''flocking model'': cohesion, separation and alignment, obstacle avoidance, and shape animation and flee behavior. (Technology)
April 26th @ 12:41 AM GMT
SlashDot alphadogg writes: A pair of Georgia Tech computer science students have created a Random Startup Website Generator that spits out a different jargon-laden startup website every time you click on the URL. Mike Bradley and Tiffany Zhang's project ''serves as a parody of startups that have websites full of vague praise and little information about their actual business, often because they have little to show in that regard.'' (Technology)
April 26th @ 12:15 AM GMT
Yahoo! Last year, some of President Obama's emails were exposed to Russian hackers during a White House computer system breach. Servers that control the traffic to Obama's BlackBerry also remained secure. Obama's personal email account was not affected, rather, much of his correspondence was culled from the accounts of people with whom he communicated frequently. The White House is hit with cyberattacks every day, the Times reports, but this was an advanced, highly targeted attack. (Technology)