May 28th @ 5:11 AM GMT (2.5 hr ago)
SlashDot Eloking writes: Professor Jun-Ichi Hayashi from the University of Tsukuba in Japan has discovered the regulation of two genes involved with the production of glycine are partly responsible for some of the characteristics of aging. With this finding he has been able to ''flip the switches on a few genes back to their youthful position, effectively reversing the aging process.'' The Professor's findings cast doubt on the mitochondrial theory of aging, which proposes that the accumulation... (Technology)
May 28th @ 5:11 AM GMT (2.5 hr ago)
SlashDot hypnosec writes: Scientists say the ozone layer is in good shape thanks to the Montreal Protocol, which has helped us avoid severe ozone depletion. Research suggests that the Antarctic ozone hole would have been 40% bigger by now if not for the international treaty. ''Our research confirms the importance of the Montreal Protocol and shows that we have already had real benefits. We knew that it would save us from large ozone loss 'in the future', but in fact we are already past the point... (Technology)
May 28th @ 4:19 AM GMT (3.4 hr ago)
Yahoo! While its commercial business still remains a key focus, Lenovo's strategy for Australia and New Zealand will be to drive growth in its recently launched consumer business. (Technology)
May 28th @ 4:01 AM GMT (3.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! Voiceprint has been announced as a new feature that allows users to log into their account with the sound of their voice. WeChat also releases 6.2 update featuring translation capabilities for Moments. (Technology)
May 28th @ 4:01 AM GMT (3.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! IBM has launched 20 analytics applications designed for industries such as retail, banks and oil and gas. (Technology)
May 28th @ 3:57 AM GMT (3.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! Grantly Mailes, chief technology advocate for the Victorian government has urged Australian local, state and federal governments to stay relevant in the digital age. (Technology)
May 28th @ 3:15 AM GMT (4.4 hr ago)
Yahoo! Arguably the site of the world's best New Year's Eve fireworks, Sydney is now lighting up the sky in the middle of the year with a massive art project. (Technology)
May 28th @ 3:14 AM GMT (4.5 hr ago)
Yahoo! Google expected to revamp Google Pay as peer-to-peer payments system, while Apple tinkers with rewards program, according to the New York Times. (Technology)
May 28th @ 2:54 AM GMT (4.8 hr ago)
Yahoo! The Apple Watch just got more expensive for one man in Quebec. Jeffrey Macesin of Pincourt tells CTV News that he was pulled over by police for using the Watch while driving; he received a $120 fine and four points on his license. Macesin says his phone was in his bag, connected to the stereo with a cable, and he thinks police saw him skipping a song while his hand was on the steering wheel. (Technology)