February 1st @ 11:11 PM GMT (1 hr ago)
Wall Street Journal Amazon has struck deals with three large universities—Purdue, UMass Amherst and UC Davis—to operate co-branded websites selling textbooks, fan shirts, ramen noodles and most other items available on Amazon.com. (Technology)
February 1st @ 11:06 PM GMT (1.1 hr ago)
SlashDot Zothecula writes Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a new procedure to increase the length of human telomeres. This increases the number of times cells are able to divide, essentially making the cells many years younger. This not only has useful applications for laboratory work, but may point the way to treating various age-related disorders – or even muscular dystrophy. (Technology)
February 1st @ 11:00 PM GMT (1.2 hr ago)
Yahoo! Don't judge the Apple Watch on the queue around the Apple Store: it's going to take a lot longer to see if it has succeeded. (Technology)
February 1st @ 10:26 PM GMT (1.7 hr ago)
Yahoo! Technically Incorrect: Mobile phone charger company Mophie might just get a few hearts racing during the Super Bowl with its apocalyptic joy.> (Technology)
February 1st @ 10:00 PM GMT (2.2 hr ago)
SlashDot jfruh writes Once you've built humanoid-shaped robots, how do you get them to move and act like humans? Well, one way to teach them how to do it is to have them watch one of the greatest repository of recorded human experience ever: YouTube. Robots in a Maryland lab have learned how to prepare meals by watching and processing a slew of cooking videos, one of YouTube's most popular genres. (Technology)
February 1st @ 9:38 PM GMT (2.6 hr ago)
Yahoo! The biggest game of them all, the Super Bowl, brings with it over 100 million viewers from the US alone. Everything is magnified during the Super Bowl, from the plays themselves and the tech around the game, to all of those multi-million-dollar commercials. We're collecting it all right here for Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona, so stay tuned for the updates as they come in. The big game today will be the first ever Super Bowl illuminated by LEDs instead of traditional metal halide lamps. (Technology)
February 1st @ 8:57 PM GMT (3.2 hr ago)
SlashDot jones_supa writes Since 2010, Security Reward Programs have been one cornerstone of Google's relationship with the security research community. In 2014, the company rewarded 200 different researchers with a total amount of $1.5 million. Google wants to celebrate the participants' contributions to the company, and in turn, their contributions back to the researchers. For 2015, two additions to the programs are being announced. It has been noted that researchers' efforts through these prog... (Technology)
February 1st @ 8:46 PM GMT (3.4 hr ago)
CBS News Brookings, South Dakota, is the home of Daktronics, a company that manufactures those immense video screens so popular at sports stadiums across the country. Lee Cowan checks out how these massive LED displays are made. (Technology)
February 1st @ 7:52 PM GMT (4.3 hr ago)