April 28th @ 10:55 PM GMT
CBS News City under curfew and all public schools are closed after riots sparked by funeral of man who died in police custody (U.S. News)
April 28th @ 10:47 PM GMT
CBS News An as-yet-unidentified man wearing a ''Punisher'' T-shirt telling protesters to back away from police is quickly gaining attention (U.S. News)
April 28th @ 10:13 PM GMT
CBS News A Marshall Islands cargo ship was apparently captured by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. As CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports, the ship crossed into Iranian waters. (World)
April 28th @ 9:58 PM GMT
CBS News David Simon and members of the HBO drama's cast among those who spoke out on social media after Monday night's violence (Entertainment)
April 28th @ 9:52 PM GMT
CBS News Stamos chimes in agfter Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen claimed they were never approached about the ''Fuller House'' project (Entertainment)
April 28th @ 9:38 PM GMT
CBS News President Obama spoke on the violence and unrest that broke out on the streets of Baltimore, saying there was ''no excuse'' for the destruction. He spoke at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (U.S. News)
April 28th @ 9:34 PM GMT
CBS News Yahoo is developing a new technology that can unlock your phone by recognizing your ear. CNET's Bridget Carey goes over the new feature and how this will impact cell phone security. (Technology)
April 28th @ 9:21 PM GMT
CBS News A Vatican conference on the environment is the latest sign that Pope Francis wants to make climate change a top priority (Technology)
April 28th @ 8:52 PM GMT
CBS News Testimony in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial zeroes in on his late brother's wife, raising questions about what she knew before the attacks (U.S. News)
April 28th @ 8:50 PM GMT
CBS News Iranian president warns that a nuclear deal with the West would hurt the powerful middleman and smugglers currently flourishing on black market (World)