February 27th @ 6:26 AM GMT
CBS News The masked face of ISIS known as ''Jihadi John'' has been identified as Mohamed Emwazi. Mark Phillips has more on the 27-year-old college educated Londoner turned terrorist and executioner; and, two llamas paralyzed a Phoenix-area suburb Thursday, running amok as authorities chased them up and down streets. They were finally reined in with some good old fashioned cowboy lasso work. (U.S. News)
February 27th @ 6:16 AM GMT
CBS News West tells Beck -- and Twitter -- he's sorry for storming the stage at the Grammys, and offers Mars a job (Entertainment)
February 27th @ 5:54 AM GMT
CBS News Two llamas trotted, ran, and romped in Sun City, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The epic chase lasted for more than 40 minutes. Watch CBSN's video for the full coverage. (U.S. News)
February 27th @ 5:44 AM GMT
CBS News The Oklahoma Republican, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, has long argued climate change is a ''hoax'' (Politics)
February 27th @ 5:16 AM GMT
CBS News Piles have turned into mountains for one company who is struggling to gets shipments out to consumers (U.S. News)
February 27th @ 4:45 AM GMT
CBS News ''It feels great, it feels like freedom,'' said one D.C. resident who smoked pot legally for the first time Thursday (U.S. News)
February 27th @ 4:43 AM GMT
CBS News The law enforcement dilemma: How best to identify potential terrorist threats and ISIS supporters who may mask their true intent (World)
February 27th @ 4:33 AM GMT
CBS News A who's who of conservatives, including potential GOP presidential hopefuls, converged on Washington for the annual conference. (Politics)
February 27th @ 4:13 AM GMT
CBS News A new video shows ISIS militants destroying museum artifacts reportedly in the city of Mosul, Iraq. (World)
February 27th @ 4:11 AM GMT
CBS News A lack of resources has hindered efforts to clear the snow that has buried people inside their homes (World)