July 30th @ 11:37 PM GMT
CBS News In Houston, a man tempted fate in an effort to cross underneath a moving train (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 11:36 PM GMT
CBS News In Florida, a thief snatched an iPad from a 4-year-old boy who was waiting for his mom who works at a beauty salon (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 11:35 PM GMT
CBS News Bailey Matthews was cheered across the finish line after he completed miles of swimming, biking and running. He used a special adapted walking frame to help him finish the course (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 11:02 PM GMT
CBS News Authorities say the teens knocked on the trooper's door, mistaking the home for their friend's, who lived next door (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 11:01 PM GMT
CBS News ''He shot it once, nothing happened. He shot it twice, nothing happened. Then, he shot it the third time and we heard a big bang,'' recalled the teen's friend (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 10:56 PM GMT
CBS News As the world vents its anger at the Minnesota dentist, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is searching for him (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 10:42 PM GMT
CBS News Latest numbers show how well Californians are heeding conservation target set by state's governor (U.S. News)
July 30th @ 10:40 PM GMT
CBS News Alleged attacker, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, had recently been released from prison after conviction for stabbing people at 2006 gay pride parade (World)
July 30th @ 10:35 PM GMT
CBS News In the wake of the killing of Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion, the United Nations adopted a resolution to prevent the illicit trade (World)
July 30th @ 10:13 PM GMT
CBS News A man was captured on surveillance video grabbing the device out of a 4-year-old boy's hands before fleeing (U.S. News)