October 10th @ 6:40 PM GMT
CBS News The Republican presidential candidate has hired staff in a wide swath of Southern states (Politics)
October 10th @ 5:26 PM GMT
CBS News Jerry Parr pushed Reagan inside presidential limo after John Hinckley Jr. shot him outside the Washington Hilton in 1981 (Politics)
October 10th @ 4:57 PM GMT
CBS News Long ago, she was a mighty symbol of our country and today the liner, S.S. United States languishes at a dock in Philadelphia rusting away, possibly doomed for the scrapyard (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 4:39 PM GMT
CBS News Less than one month ago, residents of Middletown, California were driven from their homes as a wildfire raced through their community (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 4:38 PM GMT
CBS News FanDuel and DraftKings were involved in a scandal thats compared to insider trading on wall street, which has led to new attention on the political prediction website, Predict it. (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 4:34 PM GMT
CBS News Another relic of the 20th century bites the dust. The very last cards for library card catalogs have been printed and shipped (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 4:15 PM GMT
CBS News Patients are often charged drastically different prices for the same medical procedures and research may link later bedtimes with gaining weight (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 3:59 PM GMT (4 min ago)
CBS News As more and more of the unmanned aircraft crowd the nations airspace, close calls with manned aircraft are on the rise (U.S. News)
October 10th @ 3:59 PM GMT (5 min ago)
SlashDot An anonymous reader writes: Just a few days ago, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned to the company and took over the role of CEO. Now, the NY Times reports that the company will be facing layoffs as he cuts the company's costs. Twitter somehow manages to employ over 4,100 people across 35+ offices, so many investors are thrilled with the news. ''Twitter's spending has been rising. In the last quarter for which Twitter reported financial results, costs and expenses totaled $633 mill... (Technology)
October 10th @ 3:59 PM GMT (5 min ago)
SlashDot An anonymous reader writes: While computer analysis by other programs was inconclusive in matching DNA evidence to a suspect, one program, TrueAllele, gave a match. As reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an expert witness for the defense wants access to the 170,000 lines of source code to determine whether the match is scientifically valid. Not surprisingly, the software creator is resisting. From the article: ''TrueAllele, created by Dr. Perlin and in its current version since 2009,... (Technology)