January 26th @ 2:39 AM GMT
CBS News With the next presidential election less than 2 years away, the potential Republican field is very large (Politics)
January 26th @ 1:36 AM GMT
CBS News At the Iowa Freedom Summit, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie jokes about the conventional wisdom that people from Iowa and New Jersey have different values. (Politics)
January 26th @ 12:05 AM GMT (13 min ago)
Yahoo! The top U.S. House of Representatives Republican said it was ''critically important'' to improve the country's infrastructure and said Congress is looking at options to pay for repairs, according to an interview aired Sunday night on the CBS program ''60 Minutes.'' House Speaker John Boehner said he agreed with the White House there was room for bipartisan compromise on the issue of fixing crumbling roads and bridges, but that Congress in the past has not opted for an increase in f... (Politics)
January 26th @ 12:00 AM GMT (18 min ago)
Yahoo! How to behave when 30 million Americans give your political nemesis their undivided attention in a televised speech and your job is to sit quietly behind him? (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:40 PM GMT (38 min ago)
CBS News Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker discusses how buying a discounted shirt at a Kohl's department store is similar to his stance on tax policy (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:16 PM GMT (1 hr ago)
Yahoo! Britain's anti-EU UKIP party, which threatens to split the right wing vote and hand victory to Labour in 2015 elections, has suffered a reverse with the defection of one of its members to the Tories, triggering a war of words Sunday. Amjad Bashir, a little-known member of the European Parliament, described his former party in The Sunday Telegraph as one of ''ruthless self-interest'' with a ''ridiculous'' lack of policies, while UKIP said it had already suspended Bashir after becomi... (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:08 PM GMT (1.2 hr ago)
CBS News Chief of Staff Denis McDonough insists a desire to stay out of Israel's elections, and not any personal feelings, is why Obama won't meet Israeli PM during visit (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:07 PM GMT (1.2 hr ago)
Yahoo! London (AFP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron warned of economic risks across Europe after anti-austerity party Syriza swept to victory in Greece's general elections on Sunday. (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:03 PM GMT (1.2 hr ago)
CBS News The designation, if Congress approves it, would seal the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge off from oil exploration (Politics)
January 25th @ 11:03 PM GMT (1.3 hr ago)
Yahoo! A reporter who broke the story that an Argentine prosecutor was found dead shortly before he was about to make explosive allegations about President Cristina Kirchner fled Argentina on Sunday after threats. We'll talk soon,'' Damian Pachter tweeted. A citizen of Argentina and Israel, he worked for the English-language Buenos Aires Herald. Pachter fled Argentina after receiving threats, and being followed, he told colleagues in other media. (Politics)