August 4th @ 4:56 AM GMT (25 min ago)
CBS News Rep. Chaka Fattah maintains his innocence of racketeering allegations and says he will also resume his House leadership post (Politics)
August 4th @ 4:07 AM GMT (1.2 hr ago)
Yahoo! The United States said it has used air power in Syria in defense of allied rebel groups, signaling deeper involvement in the country's brutal four-year civil war. The Pentagon confirmed that an air strike was carried out Friday in support of the New Syria Force, a US-allied group. ''We'll take action to defend the New Syria Force that we've trained and equipped,'' Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill Urban told AFP. (Politics)
August 4th @ 3:36 AM GMT (1.8 hr ago)
Yahoo! manc (France) (AFP) - A tiny French village in Paris's leafy western suburbs is ringed by scores of wild wallabies, who now thrive in a nearby forest a world away from their native Australia. The colony of the red-necked Bennett's wallabies, which look similar but are much smaller than kangaroos, are originally from Tasmania and were brought into a zoological reserve in the village of Emance, about 70 kilometres (40 miles) southwest of Paris. ''A neighbour asked me: 'Did you see the ka... (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:58 AM GMT (2.4 hr ago)
Yahoo! In his own words, Donald Trump is the very definition of American success. The flamboyant tycoon, reality TV star and the mogul instantly recognizable to millions by his complicated comb-over, sits atop a dazzling empire of real estate, hotels and golf courses. ''Donald Trump is in the business of polishing the Trump brand,'' says Larry Chiagouris, professor of marketing at Pace University in New York. (Politics)
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CNN (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:52 AM GMT (2.5 hr ago)
CNN (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:34 AM GMT (2.8 hr ago)
AP Part of Washington state will get a break from the heat this week after a record number of 90- (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:34 AM GMT (2.8 hr ago)
NPR The crowded field of GOP presidential hopefuls got their first chance to face-off this week ahead of Thursday's first debate-- just not really against each other in any substantive fashion. (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:29 AM GMT (2.9 hr ago)
CBS News CBS News political director and ''Face the Nation'' anchor John Dickerson looks at obstacles Vice President would face (Politics)
August 4th @ 2:29 AM GMT (2.9 hr ago)
Yahoo! Several U.S. politicians sharply criticized the Obama administration on Monday over an annual global report on human trafficking in response to a Reuters article chronicling how senior U.S. diplomats had watered down rankings of more than a dozen strategically important countries. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez called the account alarming & unacceptable if true, tweeting that we must get to the bottom of this at a Senate hearing set for Thursday to review the 2015 Trafficking in Person... (Politics)