October 13th @ 5:50 PM GMT
CBS News Jeb Bush will unveil a plan in New Hampshire to replace ObamaCare (Politics)
October 13th @ 5:25 PM GMT
CBS News Going into the first Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton had the most Facebook engagement among Democrats, but Donald Trump dwarfs all the contenders (Politics)
October 13th @ 5:09 PM GMT
CBS News She's in Las Vegas for the first Democratic debate, which takes place Tuesday night (Politics)
October 13th @ 4:01 PM GMT (40 min ago)
Yahoo! Six civilians have been killed in three separate attacks blamed on Ugandan rebels in the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, local authorities said Tuesday. The gun attacks happened within two hours of each other on Monday in the restive north of North Kivu province, from which many locals have been evacuated after a string of massacres blamed on the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). ''We recorded six deaths yesterday,'' Amisi Kalonda, the administrator of the Beni ... (Politics)
October 13th @ 4:01 PM GMT (41 min ago)
Yahoo! The Supreme Court has heard arguments about whether hundreds of inmates imprisoned for life for murders they committed as teenagers should have a chance to seek their freedom. (Politics)
October 13th @ 3:58 PM GMT (44 min ago)
Yahoo! The private email server running in Hillary Rodham Clinton's home basement when she was secretary of state was connected to the Internet in ways that made it more vulnerable to hackers while using software that could have been exploited, according to data and documents reviewed by The Associated Press. (Politics)
October 13th @ 3:54 PM GMT (47 min ago)
Yahoo! EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini and top Iranian officials discussed ways Tuesday to bring peace to Syria and combat Islamic State jihadi fighters there, a statement said. In the highest level talks since Mogherini visited Tehran in July in the wake of the historic Iran nuclear deal, she and Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met for three hours, followed by talks between senior officials. ''There was an agreement that only a political track, that involves... (Politics)
October 13th @ 3:54 PM GMT (48 min ago)
Yahoo! Rome (AFP) - Italy's Senate voted Tuesday in favour of relinquishing most of its power in a revolutionary move aimed at ending decades of political instability in a victory for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. (Politics)
October 13th @ 3:50 PM GMT (52 min ago)
Yahoo! EU lawmakers on Tuesday rejected a hard-won compromise which allows member states to decide for themselves whether or not to import Genetically Modified Organisms for use in food and animal feed. The European Parliament's environmental committee voted 47 to 3 to reject the European Commission's proposal but did so on technical grounds, not the health and safety concerns which for years prevented the 28-nation bloc reaching a common position on GMOs. Such controls would mark a serious viol... (Politics)
October 13th @ 3:45 PM GMT (57 min ago)
Yahoo! Draft Biden, the super-PAC urging Joe Biden to run for president, released a new ad today that will run before tonights first Democratic debate, which the vice president is not scheduled to attend. The ad, titled Never Quit, replaces the emotional spot featuring the story of Biden's personal experience with tragedy after the death of his first wife, Neilia, and 1-year-old daughter Naomi in a 1972 car crash. ''Nobody has more respect for the vice president and his family than we do. (Politics)