March 29th @ 7:44 PM GMT
CBS News Web extra: Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy Sinatra, says there was no one as funny as her father in a sit-down interview with Mo Rocca. (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 6:14 PM GMT
CBS News Jon Cryer was bitten by the acting bug early, and achieved success with his starring turn in John Hughes' ''Pretty in Pink.'' But there was a long period before he had a hit again with ''Two and a Half Men,'' one of the most successful sitcoms ever. Cryer talks about his new memoir with correspondent Ben Tracy. (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 6:02 PM GMT
CBS News The Library of Congress announced this week the latest recordings to be preserved for future generations, having been judged to be ''culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.'' They span the spectrum from pop, jazz and show tunes to the spoken word. Charles Osgood reports. (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 5:42 PM GMT
CBS News The films he's made have won Oscars, dazzled audiences, and earned more than $13 billion, but he's not just a Hollywood producer. For 30 years Brian Grazer has had ''curiosity conversations'' with scientists, artists and other noted achievers. His new book, ''A Curious Mind,'' is about what he's learned from those talks. Contributor Scott Simon of NPR reports. (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 4:34 PM GMT (43 min ago)
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March 29th @ 4:08 PM GMT (1.1 hr ago)
E! Online The 46-year-old Australian actor posted on his Instagram page on Saturday a photo of himself (Entertainment)
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E! Online In the above sneak peek to tonight's brand newKeeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner asksKhlo if she can (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 3:45 PM GMT (1.5 hr ago)
People The actress-turned-director has been identified as ''Angelina Jolie Pitt'' recently (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 3:37 PM GMT (1.7 hr ago)