August 5th @ 5:59 AM GMT
CBS News After a photo of $6 ''asparagus water'' on sale at Whole Foods made the rounds on the Internet, the supermarket chain said it doesn't actually sell such a product (U.S. News)
August 5th @ 5:13 AM GMT
CBS News In a newly released transcript of his testimony to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Patriots quarterback denies the ''Deflategate'' accusations (U.S. News)
August 5th @ 5:01 AM GMT
CBS News Police say the former James Bond actor was stopped at a Vermont airport security checkpoint (Entertainment)
August 5th @ 4:23 AM GMT
CBS News Australian rapper Amethyst ''Iggy'' Azalea opened up to ''Seventeen'' magazine about recent plastic surgery on her nose, which was featured on the issue's cover (Entertainment)
August 5th @ 4:15 AM GMT (4 min ago)
CBS News The family of Sandra Bland, who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and found hanged in her jail cell, is suing her arresting officer and others (U.S. News)
August 5th @ 4:07 AM GMT (12 min ago)
CBS News After over three decades of romance started from the nursery, Kermit and Miss Piggy have announced their plans to separate via Twitter (Entertainment)
August 5th @ 4:05 AM GMT (14 min ago)
Yahoo! Jackson, Mississippi, and Mesa, Arizona, aim to make troves of data about city operations available online for the first time. Tulsa, Oklahoma, plans to make its data releases more useful for the public. Seattle wants to use contract data to help ensure vendors deliver on their promises. (Top Stories)
August 5th @ 4:02 AM GMT (17 min ago)
Yahoo! General Electric Co said on Wednesday it is developing a cloud-based service tailored for industrial customers, the latest step in the U.S. conglomerate's effort to gain business from data generated by machines. GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt has bet on developing analytics and software for customers of the company's jet engines, power-generating turbines, healthcare equipment and other industrial products. ''You just look at the consumer world, you get jealous at the speed at which you... (Technology)
August 5th @ 4:01 AM GMT (18 min ago)
Yahoo! Everything was fine as of 2:13 p.m. Friday. (Top Stories)
August 5th @ 4:01 AM GMT (18 min ago)
NY Times The company, which specializes in communications for emergency workers, has taken a $1 billion investment from the private equity firm.<br clear='all'/> (Technology)