March 29th @ 8:27 PM GMT
CBS News 20-year-old pitcher had been in a coma after suffering serious head injury (U.S. News)
March 29th @ 7:44 PM GMT
CBS News Web extra: Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy Sinatra, says there was no one as funny as her father in a sit-down interview with Mo Rocca. (Entertainment)
March 29th @ 7:27 PM GMT (2 min ago)
CBS News Extensive training and medical disclosure requirements should help prevent an aviation accident like the one seen in France last week (U.S. News)
March 29th @ 7:10 PM GMT (19 min ago)
CNN The mainstream shows featuring black characters are a sign of progress, but more are needed. (Top Stories)
March 29th @ 7:10 PM GMT (19 min ago)
Yahoo! Cleveland (AFP) - The University of Kentucky edged Notre Dame in a 68-66 thriller on Saturday to remain unbeaten and book their coveted Final Four berth in the national collegiate basketball championship. (Sports)
March 29th @ 7:05 PM GMT (24 min ago)
Yahoo! Paris (AFP) - French voters looked to have given the ruling Socialists a drubbing in run-off local polls on Sunday, while boosting the prospects for former president Nicolas Sarkozy and the far-right ahead of 2017 presidential polls. (World)
March 29th @ 6:59 PM GMT (30 min ago)
Yahoo! Lausanne (AFP) - British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said late Sunday he believed a nuclear deal with Iran could be reached, but insisted it must put an atomic bomb ''beyond reach.'' (World)
March 29th @ 6:59 PM GMT (30 min ago)
Reuters Voting in Nigeria's tensest election since the end of military rule in 1999 spilled into a second day on Sunday after technical glitches hit voter ID machines and Islamist Boko Haram militants killed more than a dozen people in drive-by shootings.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br clear='all'/> (Top Stories)
March 29th @ 6:57 PM GMT (32 min ago)
CBS News A tribute to The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, April Fools' Day and Good Friday - just some fo the notable events this week. Charles Osgood reports. (U.S. News)
March 29th @ 6:53 PM GMT (36 min ago)
CNN Crews searching at the site where a building exploded in New York's East Village found a body in the rubble Sunday, police said. (Top Stories)