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AP White House hopes for stopping a congressional challenge to the Iran nuclear deal and sparing President Barack Obama from using a veto suffered a blow when a key Senate Democrat annou (Politics)
September 5th @ 7:01 AM GMT (39 min ago)
AP Hillary Rodham Clinton says her use of a private email system at the State Department wasn't the ''best choice'' and acknowledged she didn't ''stop and think'' about her email set-up when she became President Barack Obama's secreta (Politics)
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AP Vice President Joe Biden's reluctance to enter the presidential race centers on his family. His wife, Jill, has never relished political life and is said to share his misgivings about whether the Bidens are emotionally equipped f (Politics)
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NPR More than 1,000 weary Syrian refugees were greeted with food and applause at the Austrian border after arriving by busloads from a long, chaotic journey through Hungary. (Top Stories)
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CBS Sports No. 8 Nadal (Sports)
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Yahoo! The Japanese town of Naraha on Saturday lifted a 2011 evacuation order that sent all its 7,400 residents away after the nearby Fukushima nuclear plant was crippled by a tsunami and spread contamination. Naraha was the first among seven municipalities forced to empty entirely due to radiation contamination following the massive earthquake and tsunami that sent the reactors into meltdown. (World)
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SlashDot An anonymous reader writes: The UK government recently introduced a new computer curriculum to the school system in order to get more kids into programming. Unfortunately, they're running into a serious problem: one-third of the secondary schools tasked with teaching these programs have not spent any money training their teachers on the requisite knowledge and technology. The government has provided £4.5 million for this training, and a number of schools have spent their share and mo... (Technology)